Hackfall Woods – Wednesday 29th March 2017


Toothwort David Holmes

On Wednesday 29 March Nick Gaunt led a group of 9 other members on a field trip round Hackfall Woods near Grewelthorpe. 

Alum Spring   Valerie Holmes

Alum Spring Valerie Holmes

The meeting was primarily to introduce members to the study of mosses and liverworts and to take in any other natural history along the way.  We followed the path down to the river finding many species of mosses and liverworts.  We lunched at Fisher’s Hall which is not quite so glamorous as you might think. We carried on to the Alum Spring which is an interesting area  of Tufa limestone with cascading water running over it. Several members climbed to the top for a closer inspection.

Alum Spring Yvonne Ward

Alum Spring Yvonne Ward

We saw Palmate newts in the Fountain Pond. The water was clear and we could see the big webbed feet of the males.  We also recorded Common Newt and Common Toad. Just  a few Spring flowers were in bloom. Toothwort, Wood Anemones, Wood Sorrel, Early Dog-violet  and Celandines.

Toothwort Sonia Starbuck

Toothwort Sonia Starbuck

Before long there will be carpets of Wild Garlic as the leaves were very much in evidence. We also recorded 13 birds, including Nuthatch and  24 Bryophytes.


 Click HERE for Nick’s species list and map.

Valerie Holmes

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