Nidd Gorge Bio-Blitz Day 22nd July 2017 – Further details

Nidd Gorge Biodiversity Project 1999 – 2018, Bio-Blitz Day

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A biodiversity project will be held in Nidd Gorge on Saturday 22 July 2017, comprising a Bio-Blitz day.  This will be an all day event continuing into the evening.  It is being held to improve knowledge and awareness in our area.  The data should help in combatting proposed developments or roads at or near Bilton Fields and Nidd Gorge since it should comprise hard evidence of different and sensitive habitats in the area.

This will be a community exercise and is intended to harness the spotting skills (amateur and professional) of the general public in order to indicate the presence of all forms of wildlife:  botany, entomology, ornithology and mammals including an evening bat walk.


A hub with tables and gazebo will be set up on the south bank of the viaduct at Bilton, close to the Greenway.  Individuals will be encouraged to look for wildlife in the area and report back to the hub.  Every scrap of wildlife data will be valuable, from the mundane to the rarity.  In this digital age, we will be asking people not to pick flowers, but to take photographs and to use plastic cases to contain insects and bring them back for identification and study.

Nidd Gorge Map with text 190617On the day we will need the help and expertise of as many individual HDNS members as possible.  If you would like to come and help with identification (if only for an hour or so), or to help in any other way, then please contact Keith Wilkinson MBE, Honorary Chairman,  Nidd Gorge Advisory Partnership, contact details as follows:


Tel:  01423 564708

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