Plumpton Rocks visit 21st June 2017

Seven of us enjoyed a relaxing visit to this interesting location, led by Nick Gaunt. Nick introduced the group to some common woodland mosses: Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans, Hypnum cupressiforme and Mnium hornum were the dominant species in the mixed deciduous and coniferous woodland surrounding the lake.

The extensive millstone grit outcrops held some extensive patches of the liverworts Lepidozia reptans and Diplophyllum albicans. They also supported a few ancient specimens of yew and oak, their large gnarled roots delving into the many crevices. There are some notably tall trees – pedunculate oak, ash, beech, cherry and holly in particular.

The lake has some extensive rafts of Yellow Water-lily (Nuphar lutea) that were home to families of Moorhen. The lake margins supported a variety of wild flowers and blue damselflies (species not identified).

A search for some  uncommon bryophytes recorded here over a century ago (Cynodontium bruntonii, Orthodontium gracile, Tetrodontium brownianum and Jungermannia exsectiformis), will have to wait for another visit when the rocks are not so dry!

Nick Gaunt

See a list of birds and bryophytes: Plumpton Rocks HDNS visit observations

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